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A Treasury of Hashish is a complete history of hashish, from prehistory right up to the classic hippy era after which real hashish sort of disappeared over the horizon. This new edition of the wonderful classic, long out of print, is entirely hand lettered with a clever drawing, rare photo, or antique map on every page—a work of art.

Dr. Sumach explains that the ancient golden age societies of China, Greece, and Rome were familiar with high end hashish and valued the imported article as a powerful medicine and aid to the work of imagination management. Real hashish has always been the plaything of kings and those with whom he was friendly... the artists and poets at his court. But we learn, hashish could also be wielded as a terrible tool of tyrants.

When pioneers brought hash back home to America, this super smoke created a instant market for high quality, reasonably priced, imported hashish among the urban hippies who were more accustomed to hotboxing ditchweed and indulging in the occasional joint of Mexican bunk. Real hash was legendary, the stuff of hippy fairy tales, as hash smuggling soon became the dangerous game of bravado that was more trouble than it was worth.

A Treasury of Hashish reveals that hash is something unique and specially prepared. Hence its great cost and rarity, even in the olden days. This is because the secrets of growing the finest pedigree cannabis plants under optimal conditions, selecting the best specimens and preparing them for hashish requires a master chefs eye for quality. Making real hash is more an art than a science. It can be done, and you can do it too, but you have to pay attention.

        Author: Alexander Sumach THC
        Publisher: Ronin Publishing
        Pages: 155pp
        Size: 8 x 8
        Notes: softcover, b/w
        Release Date: December 13, 2016
        ISBN: 978-1579512361