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Other Baltimore Shopping

Last updated March 5th, 2016

The Children's Bookstore - Oldest independent bookstore in Baltimore, and it's for kids!
Normals Books - Used Books& Records
Sound Garden - The go-to spot for affordable antiquated media

Festivals & Events

Artscape - come for the art, stay for the scape.
Baltimore Book Festival - party time. With books!
Baltimore Comic-Con - Excelsior, true believers!
HampdenFest - Our neighborhood arts and music festival
High Zero - experimental music
Maryland DeathFest! - death metal in a festival setting
Maryland Film Festival - "I like to watch."
Mayor's Christmas Parade
Miracle on 34th Street in Hampden - crazy lights!
Night Of 100 Elvises - so many Elvises
Preakness - horses!
Small Press Expo - for some reason they insist on having this in Bethesda.
Sowebohemian Festival - AKA Sowebo.
Transmodern Festival - better than Post Modern!


Film and Television

Bengies Drive-In Theatre
Charles Theater - When we're not drinking across the street at Club Charles we check out an art film now and then at this theater.
Creature Feature with Count Gore De Vol - One of Scott's favorite shows when he was a kid... that and Captain Chesapeake
Divergent Thinking Productions - Home of Alvin Ecarma's film "Lethal Force"
Planet Krulik  - Jeff Krulik created the classic "Heavy Metal Parking Lot"
Matt Porterfield 
The Senator Theater - historic landmark theater
Michael Tully/Hammer To Nail
Trashy Travels - John Waters Movie Locations and Divine Dirt



Local Zines/Blogs

Baltimore Brew - Local politics and culture
Eight-Stone Press - Creator of Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore
The Hungover Gourmet - The journal of food, drink, travel fun
Leeking Ink - Visit Davida's zine empire
MobTown Shank - politics and culture
Monozine - This anti-medical magazine has proven that you really can have fun at the expense of others    


Nightclubs & Bars

The 930 Club - Legendary DC club
The Black Cat - DC area club
The Club Charles - the quintessential Baltimore bohemian bar
Ottobar - the Baltimore landmark
The Sidebar - You think the Ottobar used to be fucking small? Go around the corner from where the Ottobar used to be to this joint.
The Wind Up Space - bar/gallery/space in "Station North"



Newspapers & Magazines

Baltimore Business Journal - weekly business news
Baltimore's City Paper - our alt-weekly
Baltimore Independent Media Center 
Baltimore Magazine - the monthly
Baltimore Messenger - Benn writes a column about Hampden in this paper.
Baltimore Sun - Baltimore's major newspaper
Johns Hopkins Newsletter - a local university paper
Towson University Towerlight - a local university paper




American Visionary Art Museum - Outsider & Visionary Art, Art Brut
Baltimore Tattoo Museum
Current Gallery
Dr. Sketchy's - the Baltimore Chapter  
Geppi's Entertainment Museum
Great Blacks In Wax Museum - It's as awesome as its name
The Metro Gallery - gallery/performance space in Station North
The Johnny Eck Museum - The online museum to one of Baltimore's finest!
James Taylor's Shocked & Amazed! On & Off the Midway


Eats & Drinks

Andy Nelson's Southern Pit BBQ - one of the best BBQ/Pit Beef in town!
Berger's Cookies - sweet heart attack!
Brewer's Art - Resurrection and Ozzy
Peter's Inn - tell Bud and Karen Atomic sent ya!
Pizza Johns - another one of Scott's fave Essex hangouts. Closed Mondays!
Red Emma's - Infoshop Coffeehouse collective




Atomic TV Links - A lot of cool sites to check out.
Baltimore or Less - All Things Baltimore
The Green Mount Cemetery
H.L. Mencken House
The Poe House 
Baltimore Museum of Industry