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How To Heal From Trauma And Feel Safe In The World.

How to Heal from Trauma and Feel Safe in the World is an empowering DIY mental health mini zine that gives a basic overview of trauma and available therapies. This is a great booklet for people living with depression, mental illness, or PTSD wanting to learn tools for self love and mental wellness.

From the introduction: In many people, coping with depression and building a fulfilling life involves recovering from trauma. Trauma is caused by mildly to substantially stressful events embedding a pattern of fear, anxiety, and depressed emotions on a person when exposed to stimuli (triggers) related to the initial event. Without proper support, these patterns can consume our well-being, relationships, career goals, and happiness for life.

The One Minute Happiness series is a growing collection of mini zines by Sage Liskey that explore different topics in coping with anxiety and depression by providing empowering insights into various areas of mental health.

Author: Sage Liskey
Series: One Minute Happiness
Publisher: Rad Cat Press
Pages: 8pp
Size: 2.5 x 4
Notes: saddle-stitched, color