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Heir to the wise Daniel, Hâsib is a young woodcutter promised to a great future.

When his greedy companions abandon him in the middle of the forest, he meets the Queen of the serpents. She then tells her story, a fabulous adventure filled with gods and demons, princes and prophets. We find Prince Janshah madly in love with Shamsa, the bird woman of King Solomon. Love and perjury, epic battles and giant spiders ensue.

From Kabul to Cairo, journeys intertwine with intrigues and spiritual quests while the fabulous nights follow one another.

An enchanting and intricately designed interpretation of the story of Hâsib Karîm ad-Dîm, through which fragment of the giant tale David B. opens us the gates of the Thousand and One Nights. For mature readers.

Author/Artist: David B.
Publisher: NBM Publishing
Page Count: 96pp
Size: 9 x 12
Notes: hardcover, color
Date of Publication: May 30, 2018
ISBN: 978-1681121628