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Cats + Sushi = "Nekozushi". The Most Awesome Mythical Creatures Ever!

Each capsule includes one Sushi Cat mini-figure.

You will get one of these 5 different Sushi Cats:

  • Nya-ta (Lobster & Green Onion)
  • Margo (Egg)
  • Shake-boo (Salmon)
  • Toro-mi (Randoseru)
  • Wa-sa-bi (Cucumber)

    Please Note: Figures come blind packaged, so we don't know which figure is in which box! COLLECT THEM ALL! Trade with friends! Or, don't! Keeping them all for yourself is cool too!

    Manufacturer: Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts
    Size: 1.5 inches
    Notes: limited, imported
    Release Date: 2017