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he Squirrel Census is an urban science and storytelling project focusing on the Eastern gray (Sciurus carolinensis), his pals, and his mortal enemies. We have won awards. We have accepted congratulations. We have made hats and t-shirts and videos and music and posters. We have saved the planet. But we still have work to do.

You can help—first, by being informed. How many squirrels are out there? What are their names? What activities do they participate in? What challenges do they face? What personality traits do they possess? You’ll find all the answers in our latest Squirrel Census Report:

Inman Park: Land of a Thousand Squirrels.

Yes, this is real. We used authentic scientific methodology, along with the power of volunteers, to count squirrels and gather stories in Inman Park. We tallied over 1,000 squirrel sightings. We plugged our numbers into a well-known wildlife counting formula popularized by Vagn Flyger, best known for recording the Great Squirrel Migration of 1968. Then we wrote up our Report. It breaks down the squirrel numbers into handsome infographics. Stories and illustrations are humbly offered, as well.

The Report unfolds into an original 20 X 28 framable map of Inman Park, with every squirrel sighting noted, along with the squirrel activity. Reading it, it feels as though squirrels are hopping around on the map, stealing acorns, running along power lines. Complementing the vital data, the map includes an excerpt from another story about an Eastern gray named William Satchmo Squirrel. Presented in a simple yet tasteful frame, it is the perfect final touch to creative living spaces.

Author/Artist: Squirrel Census
Publisher: Squirrel Census
Page Count: 2pp
Size: 5 x 7 / 20 x 28
Notes: fold out map
Date of Publication: 2016