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Spectrum 9: The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art

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Underwood Books

Spectrum 9: The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art

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Challenging, controversial, educational and irreverent, the award-winning Spectrum series reinforces both the importance and prevalence of fantastic art in today’s culture.

With exceptional images by extraordinary creators, this elegant full-color collection showcases an international cadre of creators working in every style and medium, both traditional and digital. The best artists from the United States, Europe, China, Australia, South America and beyond have gathered into the only annual devoted exclusively to works of fantasy, horror, science fiction and the surreal, making Spectrum one of the year’s most anticipated books.

Drawn from work created for books, comics, magazines, art galleries, advertisements, and the portfolios of some of the finest contemporary artists in the field, Spectrum 9 has a wider reach than any previous volume, with work from the U.S., Germany, England, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Canada, and France. Divided into seven categories, including one devoted to comics, the book includes James Gurney (Dinotopia), Brom (designer of the films Sleepy Hollow and Scooby-Doo), Michael Whelan (ten-time Hugo Award winner), Leo and Diane Dillon (Caldecott and Coretta Scott King Award recipients), and many more. Contact information for each artist is provided in a handy index, and the editors’ lengthy illustrated “Year in Review” preface puts the entire field in focus.

300 full-color images are featured.

“A feast for the eyes and the imagination.” — New Times

The mission of Spectrum is to promote the fantastic arts and provide an annual showcase for contemporary artists. The collection exists to honor the imaginations of very special artists who delight in helping us see the world in a wonderfully different light. It’s our job to help them reach a wider appreciative audience.

Editor: Cathy Fenner / Arnie Fenner
Publisher: Underwood Books
Pages: 176pp
Size: 8.75 x 11 x 1
Notes: paperback, color, out-of-print
Release Date: December 1, 2002
ISBN: 978-1887424660

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