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Saltie Booger #4 is a dense collection of short comics by Parisian cartoonist Olive Booger. Most of them have been published in collective zines and were drawn between 2009 and 2013.

Featured stories:

  • "Dissonance/Arrythmia"
  • "Educational pages"
  • "Large caliber"
  • "Tornado dream"
  • "Kiss me I'm crazy"
  • "Real life funnies"
  • "A little visit"
  • "Crash trash"
  • "The Nightclub incident"
  • "Never relaxed"
  • "Emmanuel's lost sweater"
  • "Francis" (drawings by Anne van der Linden)
  • "Je peux toujours sentir ton souffle sur ma peau"
  • "CIA dream"
  • "Blind date 98"
  • "Migration"
  • "Clammy cocoon"

Author/Artist: Olive Booger
Publisher: self-published
Page Count: 78pp
Size: 8 x 10.5
Notes: saddle-stiched, screenprinted cover, limited edition
Date of Publication: 2015