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Dennis P. Eichhorn is back with his first collection of all-new comic stories in over 20 years, illustrated by veteran Real Stuff artists and new talents as well.

This special double issue – with two issues printed tête-bêche at a large, magazine size – is filled to the brim with sex, drugs and debauchery, all culled from Eichhorn's colorful life.

Contributors include: Michael Arnold, Jim Blanchard, Max Clotfelter, Mary Fleener, Ben Horak, Sean Hurley, Aaron Lange, Pat Moriarity, Tom Van Deusen, and Noah Van Sciver.

"…shit the bed, I sort of feel like I need to physically pass [Real Stuff] around to all of my friends until they're all on my wavelength. To quote The Big Lebowski, "I won't say 'a hero,' 'cause what's a hero?" –but Denny Eichhorn is a goddamn inspiration." – Sean T. Collins, Attentiondeficitdisorderly link

"The conventional wisdom about Denny Eichhorn's autobiographical series is that it succeeded where some other have only antagonized because Eichhorn lived a life worth documenting. There's something to that: in just this issue alone [Real Stuff #1] we see a trip to jail, a sexual encounter or two, some drugs, and an encounter with a mass murderer. But there are plenty of people with crazy lives that don't make for good art. What really stands out reading Real Stuff … is how many quality artists Eichhorn put to work" – Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter link

Artist: Dennis P. Eichhorn / various
Publisher: Poochie Press
Size: 7 x 10
Notes: perfect bound, paperback, b/w
Release Date: 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9793959-2-5