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The Rad Cat Dictionary of Fuck is a fucking funny 16 page booklet covering the grammar, definitions, history, and usages of the word fuck illustrated with comic examples.

The obscene and vulgar zine makes a funny book lovers gift, bookworm gift, gift for English teachers, or an addition to your collection of bathroom humor or college humor!

From the introduction: "The word fuck has livened many arguments and acts of sexual intercourse throughout history, easily ranking as the most celebrated, bleeped out, and dynamic of vulgar words in existence. It can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, interjection, adverb, and with some imagination can probably work out for other types of grammar. It ranges in meaning from having phenomenally rigorous sex, to showing sadness and dismay when life doesn't quite go your way. You can fuckup saying fuck yeah to a person you fucked last year who you now refer to as a fucking fucker. It really is a magical word."

Expand your knowledge of fuck by reading this humorous guide and learn great phrases such as zero fucks given, fuck you, fuckwit, and fucking fuckery. Especially effective when giving people the middle finger.

Author: Sage Liskey
Publisher: Rad Cat Press
Pages: 16pp
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Notes: saddle-stitched, b/w
Date Of Release: May 2018