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Jon Lewis, creator of the long-running, Ignatz Award-nominated True Swamp, now unveils the paranormal, superhuman and straight-up bizarre world of The 6. From their unassuming old house on Pine Street, this rarely-seen, little-understood group carries on a bold exploration of the very limits of human experience and the cosmos.

The 6 comprise some of the most extraordinary people aliveā€”and naive young Jerry Weiss wants to join them. So he simply shows up uninvited at their front door, suitcase and all! Then, to make a good first impression, he accidentally opens a portal to interdimensional evil, gets his head swallowed by a flaming starfish, and nearly kills his hosts with a black sword.

Is Jerry extraordinary enough to run with the 6? Are YOU extraordinary enough to read about it?

    Artist: Jon Lewis
    Publisher: Alternative Comics
    Pages: 48pp
    Size: 5.5 x 8
    Notes: saddle-stitched, color
    Release Date: August 2006
    ISBN: 978-1891867873