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Poop Boobs Poo is not afraid to amuse or offend in Yeti Press’ collection of Sam Sharpe’s single-panel cartoons!

This collection of gags is not for kids…or your grandparents, and you probably shouldn’t show it to anyone you’re dating…don’t bring it to work…orrr a doctor’s appointment. Sam has no problem making light of racism, filling his comics full of sex and genitals, making inappropriate jokes about history and pop culture, or making a lot of bad puns!

If you love to laugh at inappropriate jokes, and strange non sequiturs you will love this book! It’s so good!

Author/Artist: Sam Sharpe
Publisher: Yeti Press
Page Count: 72pp
Size: 5.25 x 5.25
Notes: softcover, b/w
Date of Publication: 2015