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Magicians, cockroaches, tombstones and robots.

We are seduced into Martin 'Mander' Ander’s universe by bizarre creatures and objects that make us go OUFF!

Mander has crammed his book with the best of everything he has to offer. It is maximalist in terms of colour and form, but never sugary sweet. Melancholia and darkness lurks under the brightly coloured surface.

Mander has developed his art form from the day he first held a pen 40 years ago. His unique style has been shaped by the punk-graffiti- skateboarding scene, and today his work appears on buses, television, album covers, skateboards and posters. Mander discovered the graphic identity of skateboard culture, graffiti, 1960s poster art and underground graphic magazines when he was eleven years old. It did not take long before the skateboarding and music industries discovered his images followed by advertising, fashion and art. Mander continues in the same vein, but everything he does is now bigger and better. Grandmaster Flash, Fever Ray and KRS One are but a few of the artists Mander has worked with.

His images are full of detailed references that make you want to find out more. They owe a lot to Swedish icons as well as to 1960s American underground artists. OUFF! is an in-depth introduction to one of our most interesting contemporary artists.

Author: Martin Ander
Introduction: Björn Almqvist
Publisher: Dokument Press
Page Count: 100pp
Size: 6.75 x 9.5
Notes: hardcover, color
Date of Publication: November 1, 2018
ISBN: 978-9188369161