American Tradition Comics

Night Business #3

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American Tradition Comics

Night Business #3

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The Rider, a motorcycle riding, gunslinging vigilante makes her spectacular entrance in a hail of bullets, hot metal, clouds of pungent fuel exhaust and lacy lingerie!! Who is this helmeted vixen of vengeance?! Johnny, feeling the onslaught of the strength-inducing pills he ingested last issue, is subjected to the sadistic torture of Pimp Donny and his henchmen. Will he escape from a fate worse than death itself? Find out out in this action-packed issue of NIGHT BUSINESS!!

"... Too well-executed to be the work of an idiot-savant type, but it’s also so relentlessly sleazy and stupid ..." -Tim Hodler, Comics Comics

"... Marra is trying to single-handedly restore some 'order' to comics." -Frank Santoro, Comics Comics

"All the guy characters look like action figures you would have killed to have owned when you were little, and all the girl characters/strippers look like drawings of sexy ladies you would have made to impress your friends and convince your enemies that you’re not gay." -Nick Gazin, Vice

"One of the best comic series around-strippers, vice cops, serial killers, guidos, all mix it up in the pre-giuliani era New York. Like Douglas Sirk directing an Abel Ferrara script ..." -Sammy Harkham, Kramers Ergot and Crickets

"... some hair-metal or porno fantasy world where men are either leather and denim street toughs ... and ... women routinely walk around in lingerie and heels." -Sean T. Collins, Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat

"... Marra's comics are the kind of things Mark Millar aspires to be." -Timothy Callahan, Comic Book Resources

"... New Wave Hookers meets Death Wish III as seen through the eyes of a 14 year-old, heavy metal kid." -Dean Rispler, Drug Front Records

"... This is how all contemporary fiction should read." -Tucker Stone, The Factual Opinion

Author/Artist: Benjamin Marra
Publisher: American Tradition Comics
Page Count: 24pp
Size: 6.75 x 10.25
Notes: saddle-stitched, b/w, out of print
Date of Publication: 2010

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