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With an abridged history of advancements in writing.

The Motivation to Write is an inspirational literary gift with 21 tips on how to become a motivated writer and keep writing, creating, and laughing. The zine includes an abridged history of writing with advancements in language and tools of the trade.

Do you know someone who wants to start writing a book or blog? How about an art student who needs some motivation to work on their next creative project? Or a teacher who could use a resource for discouraged students? If so The Motivation to Write makes a great literary gift, writer gift, author gift, inspirational college gift, inspirational teacher gift, gift for writers, or artist gift.

"I started working on this booklet after 7 years of making zines and books. I've focused myself on informational writing but am planning on a work of fiction so started consuming books where authors write about writing such as Ray Bradburry's Zen and the Art of Writing, Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott, Haruki Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, and Yoshihiro Tatsumi's manga memoir A Drifting Life. While I had already planned to write this zine about a year prior to reading these titles, they helped inspire my drive to complete the project. Writing books and booklets is not the most social or healthy activity, so hearing the insights of other creatives always helps empower me to continue on. The Motivation To Write is also part of my ongoing experimentation with combining different concepts together - in this case, art, motivation, and history. My evolving goal is to create projects that are helpful to a variety of interests rather than just a very specific one."

Author: Sage Liskey
Publisher: Rad Cat Press
Pages: 27pp
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Notes: saddle-stitched, b/w
Date of Release: Summer 2017