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Aleister Crowley's ascension into the pantheon of alternative gurus was cemented by his appearance on the album cover of The Beatles' SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. Unfortunately, he was known more for his reputation as 'The Beast 666' and 'The Wickedest Man In The World'. But this infamy eclipsed his teachings. Plus his technical and opaque writing style makes it difficult for today's reader to fathom.

Enter Lon Milo DeQuette to decipher and explain Crowley's texts and more important rituals. THE MAGICK OF ALEISTER CROWLEY is a clear introduction to Crowley's works by a modern master of the occult and one of the wittiest writers in the field. In this modern grimoire, DeQuette takes the mystery out of the rituals and Crowley's writings without diluting the magick. Step by step, with concrete examples, he presents a course of study in plain English. DuQuette also introduces readers to futher study of Crowley's system of 'scientific illuminism' with an extensive bibliography and fastidious footnotes.

This revised edition (formerly titled THE MAGICK OF THELEMA) features extensive corrections, a new introduction, and a new chapter of rituals, 'The Rites of Eleusis.'

'If you've ever said to yourself, 'I wish there was a book that clearly and wittily explained Aleister Crowley's magick and philosophy,' well, you're holding that book right now. This is a truly important work because it explains so much of Crowley's work so clearly, with such warmth and humor.'
-Jason Augustus Newcomb, 21ST CENTURY MAGE

Author: Lon Milo DuQuette
Publisher: Weiser Books
Page Count: 261pp
Size: 6 x 9.25
Notes: softcover, revised edition
Date of Publication:  2003
ISBN: 978-1578632992