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The first book from Atomic Books' new press collects comics from alt-weekly star, Emily Flake.

Her strip currently runs in 6 alternative weeklies, one of which is in Iceland. Her cartoons deal with a variety of subjects, including - but not limited to - life and love and the foibles involved in both. Also, drinking, smoking, bumble bees, monkeys, arm flab and bad decision making when it comes to sex.

"Watch out, I spat half my food laughing all over this twisted brilliant deadpan book. Lulu's sneaky little revelations cause shivers of black-hearted joy and spasms of caustic hilarity. Madam Flake is diabolical." -Kate Christensen, IN THE DRINK

"If only Emily Flake was named queen of the universe, then we could all take pride in our spiteful thoughts and revel in our faux-pas, spend all our nights drinkin' and smokin' and all our days recovering from hang overs and sitting around, squeezing our flab. And we'd be late for work a lot. It would be heaven. I guess I'll have to take Emily's awesome comic book instead, and dream of what could be." -Laura R. Weinstein, INSIDE VINEYLAND

Author/Artist: Emily Flake
Publisher: Atomic Book Company
Page Count: 96pp
Size: 6.5 x 6.5
Notes: Softcover, Printed in brown ink, special edition with letterpress cover
Date of Publication: 2005 / 2014
ISBN: 978-0978656904