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British UFO researcher Nigel Graddon takes us to that magical land of Magonia―the land of the Fairies―a place from which some people return while others go and never come back.

Graddon discusses fairies, the wee folk, elves, fairy pathways, fairy doors, Welsh folklore, the Tuatha de Dannan, UFO occupants, the Little Blue Man of Studham, the implications of Mars, psychic connections with UFOs and fairies. He also recounts many of the strange tales of encounters with fairies, UFOs and the mysterious land of Magonia. Tons of illustrations!

Graddon also presents:

  • Photos of Fairies
  • UFOnauts and Fairies
  • MJ-12 and the Roswell Crash
  • The Welsh Triangle
  • The Fatima Vision
  • Dobbies, Hobthrusts, Kelpies, Piskies and Spriggams
  • Elementals and Unseen Forces
  • Grimm Tales and the Dreaded Cyhyraeth
  • Living Between the Spaces of “Space-Time”
  • Men in Black, Reptoids and Grey Worker Drones
  • The Mysterious Space Object―Oumuamua
  • And Much More!

Author: Nigel Graddon  
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Page Count: 270pp
Size: 6 x 9 x 1
Notes: paperback,
Date of Publication: Summer 2018
ISBN: 978-1939149978