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Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #33


Small Beer Press

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #33

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The long-running, acclaimed literary zine.


  • D. K. McCutchen: “Sex tells us a lot about the living world. JELLYFISH incorporates all my daydream and nightmare material.”
  • Deborah Walker: “Humanity’s a frog being slowly boiled in a saucepan”
  • M.E. Garber: “‘Doomed’ is such a bleak term. Are we ‘doomed’ if we have to live differently than we have in the past? If we have to adapt to radically changing situations? If many of us on the planet die, while others struggle onwards? I think not, and yet others would argue yes. Then again, as I said earlier, I’m a bit of a closet optimist.”
  • Nicole Kimberling: “I forgave the trees for their indiscriminate air-based sperm-cell distribution. After all, they can’t help it.”
  • Giselle Leeb: “I worked in the Karoo, a semi-desert, counting plants for a botany lecturer during three of my summer holidays, and that’s when I discovered a conscious love of the earth.”


  • Carmen Maria Machado, “I Bury Myself”
  • Alena McNamara, “Starling Road”
  • Giselle Leeb, “Ape Songs”  [interview]
  • Michelle Vider, “For Me, Seek the Sun”
  • Deborah Walker, “Medea”
  • D. K. McCutchen, “Jellyfish Dreaming”
  • Sofia Samatar, “Request for an Extension on the Clarity”
  • M. E. Garber, “Putting Down Roots”
  • Eric Gregory, “The March Wind”


    • Christopher Brown, “Winter in the Feral City”
    • Nicole Kimberling, “Cook Like a Hobo”


    • Leslie Wightman, “The Sanctity of Nature”
    • Ingrid Steblea, “Another Afternoon in the Garden”
    • Kelda Crich, “Child Without Summer”
    • Peter Jay Shippy, “Singing Beach”


    • Kevin Huizenga
    • Dmitry Borshch
    • Steve Logan

    Guest Editor: Michael J. DeLuca
    Gavin J. Grant / Kelly Link
    Publisher: Small Beer Press
    Page Count: 56pp
    Size: 7 x 8.5
    Notes: saddle-stitched, b/w
    Date of Publication: July 2015