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Delving into home, work, style and culture, Kinfolk promotes quality of life and connects a community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo.

The summer issue of Kinfolk examines an essential element of modern life: the relationship. Whether romantic or platonic, new or life-long, hot, cold or ambivalent, each has carefully formed subtleties and undercurrents to unpack.

In this issue, we examine the moral complexities behind telling lies, explore the reassurance inherent in non-verbal communication and meet a diverse and inspiring cross-section of lovers, siblings and families, uncovering what it really means to be in a relationship.

Editor: Nathan Williams
Publisher: self-published
Page Count: 192pp
Size: 9 x 11.5
Notes: perfect bound, full color
Date of Publication: June 6, 2017
ISBN: 978-1941815274