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In a singularly compelling look into our culture of rape, an award winning reporter sets out to uncover the life of the man who, 21 years earlier, raped her. Connors embarks on a journey to find out who he was, where he came from, who his friends were and what his life was like. What she discovers stretches beyond one violent man’s story and back into her own, interweaving a narrative about strength and endurance with one about rape culture and violence in America.

I Will Find You is a brave, lucid and ever pressing consideration of race, class, education and the families that shape who we become, by a reporter and a survivor.

“A searing narrative that plumbs both emotional and political depths . . . Connors’s forthright exploration of race and poverty enlarges her personal story...What’s miraculous about this memoir is Connors’s ability to identify, in clean, lucid prose, evidence of hope—and even beauty—amid such an abundance of misery.”—New York Times Book Review

Author: Joanna Connors
Publisher: Grove Press
Page Count:272pp
Size: 5.5 x 8 x 1
Notes: paperback
Date of Publication: April 11, 2017
ISBN: 978-0802126696