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From the American Revolution to the Suffragette movement to the Civil Rights era, people have struggled, fought, and some have died to expand the franchise and ensure we all can vote. When the voting rights of any are under attack, democracy itself is threatened.


  • Voter I.D. Laws
  • Purge Voter Rolls
  • Cut Election Funding
  • Gerrymander
  • Electoral College
  • ... and more!

Bronwyn Mauldin is the author of the novel Love Songs Of The Revolution, and the short story collection The Streetwise Cycle. She is a past winner of The Coffin Factory (now Tweed's) magazine's very short story contest. Her work has appeared in the Akashic Books "Mondays Are Murder" series, and in Literature for Life, Necessary Fiction, CellStories, Clamor magazine, and other places. She is the creator of GuerillaReads, the online video literary magazine. In September 2016 she was Artist in Residence at Mesa Verde National Park.

Author: Bronwyn Mauldin
Publisher: self-published
Pages: 20pp
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Notes: saddle-stitched, b/w
Release Date: February 2017