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In her honor, The Sylvia Rivera Law Project currently works to address issues of systemic poverty and racism, prioritizing the struggles of queer youth. A feature length film, Happy Birthday Marsha, is a biopic on Rivera and Johnson that is currently in post production. A street in New York, where she lived and died, was renamed Sylvia Rivera Way in 2005.


  • Adria Mercuri
  • Sissy Cross
  • Chiara Lu
  • Danyelle Hamilton
  • Nafeesa Ahamed
  • Juste Urbona
  • Regina Schilling
  • Megan Melly
  • Leigh Riibe
  • Alison Lee Chapman
  • Holly Pappalardo
  • Satima Khanum
  • Gillian Rhodes
  • Priscilla Polanco
  • Charles O'Neill
  • Cristina Tillotson
  • Shamsy Roomiani
  • Karla Mendez
  • Henny Penny Austinson
  • Amanda Tseng
  • Jen May

Editor: Regina Schilling
Publisher: self-published
Page Count: 34pp
Size: 4 x 5
Notes: full color, perfect bound, includes 2.5 inch button
Date of Publication: April 2017