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The Happiest Choice is an alternative mental health book exploring simple methods to cope with sadness, anxiety, depression, mental illness, stress, and more.

The book is comprehensive and straight-to-the-point with many easy self-care techniques for relieving forms of mental suffering and promoting self love. Originally written to support marginalized groups and activist communities, it is backed by scientific research and the author's personal experiences as an inclusive guide with information pertinent to understanding the challenges that everyone eventually faces in life.

Great for teens and adults seeking happiness, personal growth, stress relief, anxiety relief, mental health awareness, and to change mental attitudes. The book makes a great mental care gift for people suffering from depression or stress and also pairs well with a mood tracker to help give language to emotions you are experiencing. The Happiest Choice provides alternatives to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications too!

Included are habit reformation techniques, activities to do, thoughts to think, general body care tips, medicines to ingest, nutrients to fortify, guidelines for effective communication, and many more tools for living life fully.

Chapter Contents:
1. How to Use This Guide
2. You Have Options
3. What is Depression?
4. What Causes Depression?
5. The Road Map of Coping
6. Activities and Hobbies
7. Taking Care of Your Mind and Body
8. Medicines for Depression and Anxiety
9. Thoughts for Change
10. Communication
11. Depression Related to Life Experiences
12. Advocacy, Volunteering, and Activism
13. Managing a Depressive Episode
14. Resources
15. Conclusion
16. Bibliography

Author: Sage Liskey
Illustrator: Janine Hesse
Publisher: Rad Cat Press
Pages: 180pp
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Notes: softcover, b/w
Date of Release: September 2017