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Ghosts, Etc. is a collection of short stories from Baltimore-based illustrator, designer and writer George Wylesol.

His work deals with environments, his ‘characters’ are objects or abstract shapes. He has self-published various comics and zines including The Rabbit and Worthless, which are featured in this collection along with a new comic, Ghosts.

In the first story, Ghosts, our nameless speaker works nights and weekends in the tunnels under the hospital. His job is unspecified and routine, but it involves plugging in wires and reading through a list of the patients in the hospital. He begins seeing glimpses of “ghosts” formless swatches of fabric floating just around corners, behind doors, and in the periphery of his vision.

Next up, The Rabbit is a story of responsibility, loss, and grief. The nameless protagonist, a stranger wearing a wooden mask, wanders aimlessly around the forest. He meets the Rabbit, a small, innocent creature, and the two decide to explore together.

Finally, Worthless is a stream-of-conscious narrative illustrating the phrase “idle hands make the devils work”. Three teenagers, “The Bad Kids,” are smoking and drinking behind a Seven-Eleven. They hear a disembodied voice speaking from a pipe. Upon looking into the pipe, Bad Kid 1 is instantly sucked into a trippy, psychotic journey across Heaven, Hell, and everything in between.

Author: George Wylesol
Publisher: Avery Hill Publishing
Pages: 92pp
Size: 6.5 x 9.5
Notes: paperback, full color
Release Date: June 27, 2017
ISBN: 978-1910395288