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FRACTURED EYE is new large-format annual film journal, edited by well-known authors Stephen Barber and Jack Hunter, who between them have produced around 50 books on global cinema and cultural history.

FRACTURED EYE does not concern itself with either "mainstream” or "cult” cinema, but rather takes its cue from Amos Vogel's seminal 1974 study Film As A Subversive Art.

Subjects covered by FRACTURED EYE Volume One include illegal film pornography in the 1970s, execution film documents of WW2, film documents of extreme performance art, subversive film documentaries, unfilmed surrealist film scenarios, revolutionary Japanese cinema of 1969, the origins of film projection technology, films of urban demolition, surgical films, and various works of renegade, politically prohibited or transgressive cinema. The book is heavily illustrated with unusual and often disquieting photographs, and is recommended for adult readers only. Subjects covered include Vienna Aktion Cinema, Tokyo 1969, Tatsumi Hijikata, Pierre Guyotat, Koji Wakamatsu, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Skladanowsky Brothers, Georges Franju, and much more.

Editors: Jack Hunter / Stephen Barber
 Creation Books
Page Count:
8.5 x 11
paperback, b/w
Date of Publication:
January 31, 2013
ISBN: 978-1840681895