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Forgiveness - How to Forgive Yourself and Others is an empowering DIY mental health mini zine that quickly covers the ins and outs of forgiveness to strengthen communication, promote mental wellness and nurture self love.

When we associate a person with a bad experience, we can choose to forgive or not forgive that person. Depending on what the other person did, you must decide whether or not forgiving them is the better option. Would it cause you relief or result in more suffering? You may or may not announce that you are formally forgiving a person, but forgiveness is always a personal mental action.

The One Minute Happiness series is a growing collection of mini zines by Sage Liskey that explore different topics in coping with anxiety and depression by providing empowering insights into various areas of mental health.

Author: Sage Liskey
Series: One Minute Happiness
Publisher: Rad Cat Press
Pages: 8pp
Size: 2.5 x 4
Notes: saddle-stitched, color