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Reprinted facsimile edition of a masterpiece of modern typography.

For the Voice is considered to be Lissitzky's masterpiece of modern typography which was originally published in Berlin in 1923. As Lissitzky explained, "I have tried to create an equivalent unity using the poem and the typography," this book is a magnificent example of collaboration between poet and artist. Lissitzky provided visual interpretation of Mayakovsky's poems and each of them is accompanied by a dynamic visual composition with symbolic meaning. Printed letters in red, black and white tones become pictorial signs, contributing to each poem's identity.

Author: Vladimir Mayakovsky
Illustrator: El Lissitzky
Publisher: Doyosha
Pages: 64pp
Size: 5 x 6.75
Notes: paperback, 2-color, facsimile reprint edition
Release Date: October 1, 2018
ISBN: 978-4907511555