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Designed to spotlight writers, musicians, poets, painters, illustrators, and creative types of all stripes, with an emphasis on the up and coming and the unsung. We are interested in the everyday people who create and write and make and express themselves in multitudinous ways. fields magazine is about the idiosyncratic pursuits that occupy our time and enrich our lives.

Featured artists:

  • Courtney Allen
  • jasper avery
  • Tara Bhattacharya Reed
  • Michael Brown Jr
  • Karma R. Chavez
  • Monica J. Claesson
  • Andrew Cothren
  • Ryan Thayer Davis
  • Andrienne Dawes
  • Dalton Day
  • Maribel Falcon
  • Forced Into Femininity
  • ena ganguly
  • Vanessa Marie Gonzalez
  • Chitah Daniels Kennedy
  • Caroline Larsen
  • Jakob Maier
  • Sangram Mujamdar
  • Anna Meister
  • MSHR
  • Wendy C. Ortiz
  • Jose Padilla
  • Shannon Perri
  • Anna Rimoch
  • Isabelle Rose
  • Tammie Rubin
  • sam sax
  • ir'ene lara silva
  • Jesus I. Valles
  • Xiaoyan Zhao

    Editor: Sean Redmond
    Publisher: self-published
    Pages: 200pp
    Size: 7 x 10
    Notes: perfect bound, full color
    Release Date: Spring/Summer 2017