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FEAR: The Autobiography of Dario Argento

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FAB Press

FEAR: The Autobiography of Dario Argento

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To his legion of admirers Dario Argento is a legend, and to his filmmaking contemporaries he’s an inspiration and an icon.

For many years Argento’s ground-breaking shockers like Deep Red, Suspiria, Inferno and Opera meant box-office gold. Now the maverick auteur, lauded as the Italian Hitchcock and the Horror Fellini, has written his autobiography, revealing all about his fascinating life, his dark obsessions, his talented family, his perverse dreams, and his star-crossed work.

With candour and honesty, Fear lifts the lid on Argento’s glittering career, from his childhood mixing with glamorous Italian movie stars to his start in the fledgling field of cinema criticism, Argento shares compelling anecdotes about his life growing up in La Dolce Vita Rome.

Born into a family that breathed cinema, as a child Dario Argento was a voracious devourer of books and films. Bored by school so much that he fled to Paris, the young Dario felt at ease only in the darkness of a cinema – where he found fertile soil in which his solitary nature and overflowing imagination could flourish. But it was his experience as a journalist that led to his life-changing encounter with Sergio Leone, for whom he and Bernardo Bertolucci wrote the script for Once Upon a Time in the West.

Meanwhile, the mind of the future director developed a desire as ambitious as it was magnificent: to make a film in a new style, distinct from all others. Channelling the films of Hitchcock, Lang and Antonioni triggered a wealth of ideas that changed the history of cinema.

His first film came out in 1970 – The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. In no time at all the name of Dario Argento was known across the globe. And soon enough a series of classic films including Deep Red and Suspiria saw the light of the projector beam.

Dario Argento is a maverick auteur who captured his personal demons on celluloid. At last, his fascinating life story can be told: his passions, his loves, his fears. In his autobiography, alongside the tale of an inspirational film director making his mark on the world, one glimpses the anxieties of a driven but shy man, in love with cinema and life itself.

Adapted from the Italian translation and illustrated with rare photographs, the award-winning and critically acclaimed Master of Terror tells all. So put on your black leather gloves and start turning the pages of Fear for the answer to every question you’ve ever wanted to ask about the weird and wonderful world of Dario Argento.

Authors: Dario Argento
Publisher: FAB Press
Page Count: 288pp
Size: 6.25 x 9.25 x 1
Notes: hardcover
Date of Publication: November 1, 2019
ISBN: 978-1913051051