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Everything on food history.

EATEN No. 5: Surf & Turf showcases the fruits of the seas and soils of years past, from the fight over muskrat eating in Michigan to the saga of a surfer’s cocktail and the foods of survival in the Antarctic.


  • Kara Elder on the Rise and Fall of Fluid Beef
  • James Edward Malin on the Twisted Linguistics of the Jewish Delicatessen and Appetizing Store
  • Irina Groushevaia on the Very American Origins of Surf ‘n’ Turf
  • ...and more!

Editor: Emelyn Rude
Designer: Sabrina Majeed
Publisher: self-published
Pages: 144pp
Size: 7.5 x 9.5
Notes: perfect bound, full color
Release Date: Spring/Summer 2019