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Deterritorial Audio Magazine is not a book on tape, not an attempt to “bring to life” written work; words on the page have a distinct life of their own before we drag human voices and microphones into the equation. These recordings, then, extend the original works into audible space, each one an instance of a writer using their own words as guidelines for the creation of an ephemeral experience.

You’ll hear birds and drums and breaths and the occasional creak of the editor’s chair leaking in around the edges.

You’ll hear the singsong of alienation, the pinpricks of discovery and belonging.

You’ll hear other people hearing their own voices.

Hopefully, you’ll hear yourself.


  • Suzanne Doogan
  • Egypt Kosloski
  • Steven Leyva
  • Corey Manly
  • Adam Marans
  • Mark Wadley
  • with music by Inner Light

Editor: Mark Wadley
Publisher: Grotesque Materials
Size: 4 x 3 x 2
Notes: audio cassette
Date of Publication: 2017