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Wide-ranging discussions with five important contemporary photographers: Sarah Blesener, Elinor Carucci, Doug DuBois, Ron Jude, Rania Matar.

“I look to older forms of storytelling, books, literature, as my model, my inspiration. There is so much hype around new technologies, but it’s all about the story. In terms of what reaches people, it’s about depth and authenticity.” –Sarah Blesener

“For me photography is a way to connect. If the image doesn’t connect, or if I don’t feel connected to the moment, it is because I failed or the person will not open up to me.” –Elinor Carucci

“I think John Berger wrote that photographic intimacy is like a line dance — two rows of dancers moving forward and back. It’s a flirtation, a rhythm of intimacy and separation.” –Doug DuBois

“Because the image is usually a highly edited slice, more often than not it shifts the meaning away from the thing pictured, toward something else. That tension between expectation and what actually happens is where all the fun is.” –Ron Jude

“I want each image to tell its own story in some way yet there is a cumulative effect in the way the photographs build upon one another. It helps me see beyond the individual to the ways we are connected.” –Rania Matar

Author: Mark Alice Durant
Publisher: Saint Lucy
Pages: 100pp
Size: 7 x 9
Notes: softcover, with flaps, color
Release Date: 2018