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Like Jean Genet and William Burroughs, Dennis Cooper assaults the senses as he engages the mind with visions of nightmare intensity in a world where stimulation without excitement and experience without emotion are prized.

Physically beautiful and strangely passive, George Miles becomes the object of his friends' passions, and one after another, they all ransack him for love or anything else they can trust in the mindlessness of middle America. What they find assaults the senses as it engages the mind, in a novel that explores the limits of experience and the horror in the world around us.

“A story about how desire can persist to the brink of self-destruction and beyond. . . . A work of considerable courage.”The New York Review of Books

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Author: Dennis Cooper
Publisher: Grove Press
Pages: 144pp
Size: 5.5 x 8.25
Notes: paperback
Release Date: January 1994
ISBN: 978-0802132123