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Cheap Novelties is an early testament to Ben Katchor's extraordinary prescience as both a gifted cartoonist and an astute urban character. Rumpled, middle-aged, Julius Knipl photographs a vanishing city, an urban landscape of low-rent apartment buildings, obsolete industries, monuments to forgotten people and events, and countless sources of inexpensive food.

Now presented as a deluxe anniversary edition, Cheap Novelties is a portrait of what we have lost to gentrification, globalization, and the malling of America that is as moving today as it was a quarter century ago.

Author/Artist: Ben Katchor
Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly
Page Count: 112pp
Size: 11 x 9
Notes: hardcover, color & b/w
Date of Publication: September 28, 2016
ISBN: 978-1770462632