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Learn The Secrets Of Growing High Quality Cannabis.

This new edition of THE CANNABIS GROW BIBLE is bigger and better than ever, bursting with new information, amazing photographs from the world's best cannabis photographers and tips from some of the world's greatest breeders.

Written for new enthusiasts and experienced growers alike, within these pages Greg explains how to grow large, potent buds. With more than 500 photographs, step-by-step photo essays, illustrations and tables it's the perfect guide for every cannabis connoisseur.

Find out how to get the best seeds, secure your grow, grow in soil or hydroponics, design your own Sea of Green set up choose the right strain for you, deal with predators and pests, harvest, create an endless supply of clones, make hashish and even breed a new line of cannabis.

From small cabinet sized grows, Screen of Green, indoor grow rooms, simple hydroponics to outdoor greenhouse or forest grows - it's all here in The Cannabis Grow Bible. Growing cannabis has never been easier.

Author: Greg Green
Publisher: Green Candy Press
Page Count: 538pp
Size: 6 x 9
Notes: softcover, color, second edition
Date of Publication: November 23, 2009
ISBN: 978-1931160582