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When it was originally published—first in Paris, then in America, and finally in England, where it was initially banned—Candy was greeted by controversy and overwhelming media attention. Criticized for its scandalous content, the book nonetheless sold thousands of copies, dazzled readers, and won Southern a reputation that will never die.

A lusty romp of a story centered around the impossible sweet Candy Christian, a wide-eyed, luscious, all-American girl, Candy—a satire of Voltaire’s Candide—chronicles her adventures with mystics, sexual analysts, doctors, and everyone else she meets when she breaks ties with her family and sets out to experience the world.

“Wickedly funny to read and morally bracing as only good satire can be.” —William Styron

Author: Terry Southern /‎ Mason Hoffenberg
Publisher: Grove Press
Pages: 224pp
Size: 5.5 x 8.25
Notes: paperback
Release Date: February 9, 1996
ISBN: 978-0802134295