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Boys is a 100% true diary, in poems, of the great, and not so great, loves of Suzanne's life, including the boys she loved in high school who always sat in the back and never raised their hands, that one in college who bought her the This Mortal Coil album so they could dance in his studio apartment as slow as Gothic-ly possible to the song Kangaroo, and the boys she now notices in a mostly non-inappropriate way.“

YOU NEED THIS BOOK: Boys is a territory, an index of curios so fragrant they must be touched until this book resembles pumice in your hands. Curios live: Boys and girls from the rural zones in scabby jean jackets, the battered ones, the ones who drink Capri Sun in angora, the ones on their way elsewhere. The characters we don'’t meet are as potent as the ones we do: a lover’s ex-girlfriend with a tattoo on her rear that says USDA Choice, another ex with a ‘catastrophic bikini.’

Author: Suzanne Burns
Publisher: University Of Hell Press
Page Count: 130pp
Size:  5.25 x 8
Notes: softcover
Date of Publication: March 1, 2018
ISBN: 978-0995599949