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A five-part anthology zine, AVERSION is a queerly surreal work of freeform horror storytelling featuring a unique multimedia build and original illustrations to bring to life the harrowing tale of Owen, a teenager hurled head and soul-first into a mad doctor’s practice of dangerous and degrading therapy.

Chapter One: “Dummy”:
The inaugural chapter where you will meet Owen in a mysterious waiting room in which lies a door, a door to madness, inquisition and coercive Freudian psychology gone gut-churningly awry. (Text by Aaron Eischeid, Illustrated by Oats Redding)

Author: Aaron Eischeid
Illustrator: Oats Redding
Publisher: Paradigm Shift Productions
Page Count: 28pp
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Notes: saddle-stitched, partial color
Date of Publication: August 2016