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Anna Pallai was brought up on 1970s stalwarts of stuffed peppers, meatloaf, and platters of slightly greying hardboiled eggs. When she rediscovered her mother's grease-stained 70s cookbooks, she knew she needed to share them with the world, and so the hit Twitter account @70s_Party was born.

Harking back to a simpler pre-Instagram, pre-clean-eating era, when the only concern for your dinner party was whether your aspic would set in time, this is a joyful celebration of food that can give you gout just by looking at it.

Author: Anna Pallai
Publisher: Random House
Page Count: 176pp
Size: 6.25 x 7.25
Notes: hardcover, color
Date of Publication: April 1, 2018
ISBN: 978-1910931387