Carrier Pigeon #5



Carrier Pigeon #5

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Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art.

In this issue:
Cut in Half
by Althea Hanke-Hills
Illustrations by Frances Jetter

from Sonnet Crown
by Rose Swartz
Illustrations by Christopher Darling

What You Did
by Casey Fleming
Illustrations by Rachel Burgess

Sin Corazon
by Victor Giannini
Illustrations by Ray Jones

by August Schulenburg
Illustrations by Donna Diamond

The Enemy
by Dustin Leddy
Illustrations by Max Kahan
Fine Art Portfolios
Malcolm Morley
Ilse Schreider-Noll
Ellen Peckham
Joseph Kupillas
Marshall Arisman
Joseph Hart

    Publisher: self-published

    Pages: 140pp
    Size: 10 x 13
    Notes: perfect bound, full color, includes print
    Release Date: 2012