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Where there’s sweet, there’s savory and where there’s Yummy, there’s keychains!

Sprinkletree is making way for a fun filled bunch of sometimes sweet and sometimes savory characters with the all new collectible Yummy World Sweet and Savory Keychains. Each come mystery wrapped in a Yummy World blind bag to give you the delight and surprise when you open it! 

Test your taste buds and collect all 15 keychains today!

Please Note: Figures come blind packaged, so we don't know which figure is in which box! COLLECT THEM ALL! Trade with friends! Or, don't! Keeping them all for yourself is cool too!

Artist: Heidi Kenney
Manufacturer: Kidrobot
Size: 1-2 inches
Notes: rotocast soft vinyl, limited
Release Date: Summer 2018