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The rounded cheek. The quivering flesh. The anticipation of the sharp and welcome smack! That delightful palm-on-buttocks noise! Ah, the wonders of a private school education!

In the history of the Gallery Girls books, no one topic has gained more notoriaty as the Spanking Tails series, with a bevy of artists lined up to dispense said tough love, including Mitch Byrd, Brian LeBlanc, Pablo Kousovitis, Anibal Maraschi, Perla Pilucki, to name but a feverish few!

Contributors:  Mitch Byrd / Brian LeBlanc / Pablo Kousovitis / Anibal Maraschi / Perla Pilucki
Publisher: SQP Books
Page Count: 64pp
Size: 8 x 11
Notes: ADULTS ONLY, softcover, b/w, out-of-print
Date of Publication: July 30, 2008
ISBN: 978-0865621855