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The smart-alecky crew of Joel, Tom Servo, Crow, and Gypsy are back delivering their snarky comments on the best of the worst films ever made!

This is the first MST3K trading card set, and within these random packs of waxy goodness you will find a series that includes 50 "Experiment" base cards, a 104 card "Invention Exchange" subset, 18 Anaglyph 3D cards, 36 'Riff It' Retro Stalgic style card subset, 29-card DVD Menu Art subset, and rare chase and hit cards including 9 possible different limited edition MST3K Art Cards by Byron Winton, 8 different Unique Faux Film Cell die cut cards, 2 different Genuine Show-Used Prop Relic Cards, 9 different Full Metal Box Topper cards, a Genuine unique printing plate with Certificate of Authenticity, Genuine Sketch Cards, and more.

Full checklist printed on the inside of each wrapper.

Publisher: American Mythology
Page Count: 10pp
Size: 3 x 4
Notes: series 1
Date of Publication: June 27, 2018