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The crazy MST3K crew is back with an all-new set of collectible trading cards! 

This retail box of 36 10-card packs is guaranteed to contain one autograph card (8 different autographs to collect of 8 original MST3K cast members), complete sets of MST3K Experiment, Invention Exchange, MST3K: 3D, MST3K The Movie, Steve Vance/DVD Menu Art Cards, Planet of a Million Monkeys, Riff It! Retro plus randomly inserted subset cards of MST3K Character Spot-UV, Gizmonic Spot-Gloss, Stickers, Artist Gallery Promos, Limited Edition Portrait Art, Nanite Pop-Out Card, Lenticular Motion Cards plus chase cards of Genuine Sketch Cards, Printing Plates, Autograph Card, and more.

Publisher: American Mythology
Page Count: 10pp
Size: 3 x 4
Notes: series 3
Date of Publication: March 25, 2020