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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Richard Rider was an average teen, until inducted as a centurion in an intergalactic police force called the Nova Corps. Imbued with a vast array of superpowers and a uniform, NOVA became a superhero dedicated to the defense of Earth.

Nova's dynamic pose captures the mighty superhero blasting off, with his left arm raised above him toward the heavens. His signature dark blue and gold StarCorps armor is meticulously reproduced from the comic books by sculptor Junnosake Abe and features the enhancements used in battle against Annihilus in the massively popular Annihilation series. The hero's feet are hidden within the fire blast at the top of his base, but the statue is removable so you can enjoy his flying pose without the base. Nova's face is determined and focused, highlighted by the all-blue eyes within the gold helmet. Both the eyes and the three energy regulators on his chest are treated with special glow-in-the-dark paint, while a powerful LED light in the base recreates Nova's explosive energy effect!

Nova, like the other Fine Art Statues in the Kotobukiya Collection, is a limited, numbered edition constructed of high-quality cold-cast porcelain. The flying superhero stretches over 15 inches high, from his intricate blast-off base to his upraised fist.

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Size: 15 inches tall
Notes: cold-cast porcelain, out-of-print, #50/1500
Release Date: June 2009