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There is a trend toward lunch boxes as people are cutting back on daily spending, trying to eat more healthily, and aspiring to use things up, creating less waste. Fitting perfectly into this trend, this cookbook is a creative, inspiring source of lunch box recipes and ideas for urbanites, with quirky, original, yet practical ideas.

Each of the 101 recipes are healthier and cost less than the average café-bought sandwich and drink. As well as recipes for eating straight out of the box, there are ideas for utilizing the office kettle, toaster, or microwave to finish off. From super noodles with tofu and lemongrass, to smoked mackerel salad, there are ideas for winter warmers, light summer lunches, and delicious snacks, as well as recipes for the budget conscious. Includes dual measurements.

    Author: James Ramsden
    Publisher: Pavilion Books
    Pages: 128pp
    Size: 7 x 8.5
    Notes: paperback, color
    Release Date: April 1, 2017
    ISBN: 978-1910904541