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The second deluxe full-color set of creepy Krampus greeting cards (reproduced from scarce vintage designs) contains 20 high-quality cards with blank interiors —two each of 10 different images —and 21 red envelopes enclosed in a keepsake decorative tin box. Send Krampus cards to naughty family members and friends, and make Christmas fun again.

In the early Christmas folklore of Europe, Krampus was St. Nikolaus's dark servant —a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps! Whereas St. Nikolaus rewarded children who'd been good all year with small gifts and treats, those who had behaved badly were reprimanded by Krampus. Spruce up your Christmas this season and give the gift of Krampus.

Editor: Monte Beauchamp
Publisher: Last Gasp
Size: 5 x 7 x 3
Notes: 20 cards & envelopes, in a tin
Release Date: November 2015
ISBN: 978-0-86719-810-2