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A queer feminist compilation zine which intends to create a space for people to voice their own truths.

In this issue:

  • An exploratory essay by a queer teacher about whether or not classrooms can be considered safe spaces
  • A call to action to counteract dominant activist discourse that permits activists with privilege to police marginalized activists on the basis of not participating in activism "correctly"
  • A short essay about minority feminist art spaces in the second and third wave, essentially arguing for people to not rely on tokenism
  • An essay about the author’s struggle to negotiate his identity as a femme queer trans man online, including his attempts to pass as cis online while being out as trans in real life
  • Using relationship anarchy and anarchist approaches to commitment to (re)frame messed-up family relationships in terms of in/accessibility
  • A creative nonfiction meditation on systemic racism, white supremacist normativity, and American society's conditioned, unconscious justification for the continuous injustices of heterosexual white men and how, historically, their heinous actions have always gone unquestioned
  • A personal essay describing a young woman's experience getting an IUD (intrauterine device) after the most recent presidential election for fear that affordable healthcare could be eliminated
  • A discussion of the ways in which the queer community can be unwelcoming to those whose identities don't fit the mainstream queer narratives
  • Experiences working in a domestic violence shelter and how its nonprofit infrastructure made the author’s work harder and exasperated their caregiver burnout
  • Identifying the need and subsequently carving space for oneself as a non-binary transgender feminist 
  • An ode to the author’s city and an understanding of how white supremacy has historically and continues to shape the city’s politics, community, and culture
  • A short narrative on reclaiming physical space
  • The closet metaphor is both too singular a metaphor for how the author segment their queerness online, and also inaccurate given the author's use of trash bags for storing clothes
  • Tracing the origins of Canadian queer zine culture
  • Establishing distance from difficult memories, and the allegory of clocks as instruments of timekeeping 
  • A critique of academic spaces that addresses the importance of integrating anti-oppressive strategies into research methodology
  • Orthodox Jewish and Native American menstrual rituals in America and how ritual seclusion can be perceived as empowering and used as a way to affirm identity and difference
  • Distancing oneself from hostile environments, including a parent, the nonprofit industrial complex, and white feminism as manifested through the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, as a form of reclaiming agency and considering possibilities for a whole self
  • Told in second person, an experimental creative non-fiction piece on recovering from psychosis and depression
  • An examination of how the colloquialisms dispatched and the postures held by heteronormative society affect one's personal growth
  • This issue also includes poetry, a comic, feminists we love, current feminist heroes, and a vegan/gf recipe for Red Lentil and Collards Soup! 

Editor: Sari
Publisher: self-published
Page Count: 80pp
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Notes: saddle-stitched, b/w
Date of Publication: March 2017