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Based on Twentieth Century-Fox's science fiction hit, Alien.


Two space helmets resting on chairs.

Electrical hum.

Lights on the helmets begin to signal one another.

Moments of silence.

A yellow light goes on.

Electronic hum.

A green light goes on in front of one helmet.

Electronic pulsing sounds.

A red light goes on in front of the other helmet.

An electronic conversation ensues.

Reaches a crescendo.

Then silence.

And when the silence is broken... the crew of the Nostromo must grapple with a terrifying life force they cannot leash, nor even comprehend- the Alien!

Author/Artist: Archie Goodwin / Walter Simonson
Publisher: Heavy Metal
Pages: 64pp
Size: 8 x 10.75
Notes: softcover, color, out of print
Release Date: 1979
ISBN: 0930368428