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HATE follows the foibles of the semi-autobiographical Buddy Bradley. Hate became the voice of the twenty-nothing slackers as well as being hailed by critics for its brilliant characterization in its complete chronicle of the 1990s.

In this issue: Stinky takes Buddy to visit a local hoarder and funny book aficionado. After rolling through some of the hits, Buddy gets into a rager of a fight initially over the gentleman styling Val and Lisa's hair, proving he might be an first class a-hole that we all love to hate.

      Note: Not available to re-sellers. Fans/collectors only, please.

      Author/Artist: Peter Bagge
      Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
      Page Count: 24pp
      Size: 7 x 10
      Notes: saddle-stitched, b/w, out of print, sold as-is
      Date of Publication: Summer 1991